On The Subject Of Birthdays

It dawned on me that I will be 64 next month.

Yes, 64!

I am creeping closer and closer to the big seven zero. But I’m not there yet and whilst I think that growing old graciously is the absolutely the way to go, I really don’t think that it’s required to not do anything at all to liven up one’s appearance. I started dying my hair last year, for example, and it’s made such a huge change for the better.

I feel better for it. I have just come back from having fillers done for the very first time. My cheeks were sagging and after a lot of research and consideration, I decided to go for it and took the plunge. As it stands, I think I made the right choice.

I think that once the swelling goes down, I will be able to see if it’s all OK. On the bright side, it was done so quickly and I took our gorgeous new pup for his first grooming! (have a look at their site – it’s chock full of gorgeous puppies and doggies!).

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