poodleJust a little bit about me.

My name is Paula. I from California, in the USA and I am a huge fan of canines. I have three beautiful, blessed Poodles, Julia, Bubbles, and Woof, and one gorgeous, shaggy Alsatian called Timmy. We’re just one huge happy and furry family.

I moved to Nottingham, England, UK back in October of last year. I have my children here and as I’m getting older, I really wanted to spend more time with them. I also found on a quick visit some years ago that the Brits seriously love their dogs too! A little bit more than the Americans, I’d say.

I also really enjoy surfing, even though I’m getting into my 60’s soon, walking the dogs in hills and along lovely sandy beaches, and I love cooking Chinese food, Thai food, and baking all kinds of sweet bakes. I think I’m great at knitting and won a contest back in the US for knitting the fastest when I was very young at 53 😉

I’m fully and completely retired now and I’m just looking to fill my time with my kids, the dogs, and walks on the beach when I can make it down to the sea, knitting, baking, cooking, surfing now and again before I get far too old, and whatever else I think might be great. I really love meeting new people and filling my time with laughter and happiness so I think I might start going to Meet Ups, I know they are big on those here in the UK too now. I opened this blog as I think it’s another really super way to jot down memories and again, fill up my precious time and days with lovely little thoughts and scribbles. I’ll add some nice images too when I get the time. If you come across this blog by any chance, give me a nice virtual smile and a wave, and I’ll feel it and give you two back 🙂


Thank you for stopping by.