New Pup In The Family Soon

puppy puppies

So, yes, I may indeed have four lovely dogs already but why not get a fifth? The more, the merrier, according to me. It’s going to be a shelter dog. My daughter and I went down to the Battersea dog’s home / shelter and we found the most gorgeous.

We are going to collect him on the Monday of next week!! I am so thrilled and can’t wait to introduce him to our lovely, large, furry and non-furry, family. I think that he’ll fit right in and we will hopefully be able to offer him the most loving new home that he could possibly hope to have. I have a variety of doggie treats ready and a special spot for him in our bedroom. He also has a lovely new blanket with some delicious little pink paw prints all over it. Lovely and warm.

He is a Cavoodle – a lovely cross between a Poodle doggie and a Cavalier doggie!!! A very lovely mix if you ask me, they actually look like lovely little cuddly toy doggies.

We plan to name him Fluff and we’ll have to see how the kids to him. I think they’ll be so thrilled and may even want him for themselves. Although I’m not sure if I’ll actually be able to part with him… We shall see!

I have started adding a read more tag widget thing on my posts now as my son said this was a good idea – no idea why but he works with pcs and the internet so I shall obey 🙂

I will definitely post again once we have him and he has settled in and I can take some lovely photos of him. We are so excited here at home – I am sure that even my lovely dogs can feel that something is about to happen and ra excited for us all. They are definitely waiting to welcome the new arrival. 😀

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