Colourful Knitting

Yes! I know you Brits spell color like colour! Yep, I am learning your ways 🙂 and I love them. What I don’t really love is your weather – dark skies and rain pretty often or just too often for me.


Anyway, what I wanted to say is that as you may know by now or not, I love knitting – it passes the time and it’s amazing what can be made. I also really love working with lots and lots of lovely different, vibrant colours (there I go again spelling it properly!). I went shopping yesterday in London’s Covent garden and found a huge range of amazing, high quality yarns! This place rocks! I have never been to Covent garden before and it was just such an amazing, mind blowing time.

I bought around 12 different yarns in so many different colours – green, blue, purple, magenta and so on. I will try to upload some pics of what I make with them later on.

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