On The Subject Of Birthdays

It dawned on me that I will be 64 next month.

Yes, 64!

I am creeping closer and closer to the big seven zero. But I’m not there yet and whilst I think that growing old graciously is the absolutely the way to go, I really don’t think that it’s required to not do anything at all to liven up one’s appearance. I started dying my hair last year, for example, and it’s made such a huge change for the better.

I feel better for it. I have just come back from having fillers done for the very first time. My cheeks were sagging and after a lot of research and consideration, I decided to go for it and took the plunge. As it stands, I think I made the right choice.

I think that once the swelling goes down, I will be able to see if it’s all OK. On the bright side, it was done so quickly and I took our gorgeous new pup for his first grooming! (have a look at their site – it’s chock full of gorgeous puppies and doggies!).

I can’t believe that it only took half an hour to get me sorted, but no one mentioned anything about the pain… and I couldn’t look at the needles. I was also a little worried about bleeding afterwards, but there wasn’t much at all. I finished a lot sooner than I thought I would and met my son for a cup of coffee in the Starbucks in the city centre. He then had to go off to work and I treated myself to a little shop in Zara! Why not? That’s what retirement is for, darlings. I bought a beautiful khaki green / brown, long sleeved jersey top, some new, plain black flat shoes, and a wonderful pink scarf for the coming fall, winter and spring time.

I love the shops around Nottingham. The ones in the countryside nearby are the best as they are all so different and unique and you can find some really strange and unique items in there – sometimes for next to nothing! Really looking forward to my next shopping trip to central London the most though. So many shops, so little time!!

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