Summer in the UK


Summer in the UK… WOW.

It sure is different. 


Ok, where do I start? Well, where I come from in the US, it’s warm pretty much all year round. It’s rare to suffer more than three cloudy or sad days in a 2

I think it’s gorgeous in this country when the weather is nice. The people are really happy and friendly and everything works well just like back in the US. When the weather is bad, it tends to sort of stay bad for far too long in my humble opinion. It drags on and on and it’s just not super. It makes me feel uncomfortable and it serves to sort of isolate people and drag them down.

I think I really need to get used to it, time should fix that 🙂

Things that I really love about the UK so far:

  • Biscuits
  • The countryside
  • Kent
  • Surrey
  • Richmond
  • Covent Garden
  • Camden Town
  • Their ice cream!

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